Interested in Surfing?

Interested in Surfing?

Our neighborhood beaches of Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen and Mal Pais are regarded as some of the best breaks in the world for beginning and intermediate level surfers (and plenty of pro surfers grace our shores every year, too!) Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or have never set foot on a board, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, from wax to wave.

Never tried to surf? Not sure if it’s for you? Surfing is not nearly as difficult or dangerous as many people think. Kids pick it up surprisingly quickly, too! With our instruction, almost every beginning surfer stands up immediately and is able to catch waves on their first day in the water.

Surf Lessons

If you love to surf (or would love to try) you’ve come to the right place! The clean warm waters of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa are prime spots for surfers of all skill levels. Our surf lessons programs are geared specifically for improving your existing skills or, for absolute beginners, getting you acquainted with the ocean and comfortable on a surfboard. All surf lessons are conducted by friendly, experienced English/Spanish speaking surf instructors.

There are 3 types of lesson categories, which will help you no matter your age or surf experience you may have.


Students will learn the fundamentals of paddling, standing up and general surf guidelines, resulting in a fun and safe surf experience.


The Intermediate surfer is able to go along the open face of the wave and preform basic turns and now he is ready to move to the next level. You will received pointers on technique, and perfecting your duck dive.  Also, they will make sure you are not developing bad habits (such as shoulder movements, head and legs..)


For the surfer who has plateaued, you will be working on weeks point in your style, improving your turns and refining your body position.